People Analytics and Employee Feedback

OrganizationView is one of the most prominent European People Analytics practices. We provide a range of services and products to enable our clients to make effective, empirically-driven decisions about their workforces.


OrganizationView is a pioneer in workforce science. We work with forward-thinking clients to help them optimise workforces and HR departments through data.

We do this by combining global HR experience with advanced statistics, data visualisation and technology skills. We create and deliver innovation by applying proven analytic techniques from other disciplines to solve the most pressing employee-related challenges.


Workometry is our award-winning application that enables clients to quickly collect and analyse vast quantities of employee feedback to the most pressing business challenges. Our focus is on providing rich, context-based information in a way that drives effective action.

Clients are describing Workometry as revolutionary. It is probably one of the first true ‘big data’ applications in HR, sense-making from large volumes of linked structured and unstructured information.


Most People Analytics can predict what is likely to happen to who. However it fails to provide insight into why it is happening and what you can do to address it effectively.

Our data scientists have deep experience of uncovering actionable insight from large volumes of employee demographic, behaviour and perception data. Our rich, contextual insight is designed to drive effective action across the organization.


HR is under pressure to ensure that its decisions are made empirically. To do this, HR leaders will need to understand what HR analytics is, and how to utilise it to their advantage. Our analytics training enables them to do that.

You will work with expert practitioners. At the heart is an open and pragmatic dialogue about how to apply analytics in your business. We’ll make even the most advanced people analytics easy to understand and effective to use.


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