Founder’s view

“I founded OrganizationView determined to solve the issues that I saw most HR departments were having with workforce data.

My career wasn’t typical of most of my HR colleagues.  After studying economics, where my interest was econometrics, decision making under uncertainty, game theory and operational research I entered HR after time in a management consultancy doing process modelling & organization design.

Since 2000 I’ve been running global projects that used web technology to deliver employee services based on a deep understanding of their behaviours and preferences.  Seeing the links between workforce and customers, and their related data I’ve been able to deliver innovation by building teams of specialists in areas as diverse as customer experience to mobile information delivery.

OrganizationView’s goal is to help clients understand and act upon employee data.  We want to help transform HR to a function valued through its command and use of information to make better workforce decisions.”


Andrew Marritt, Switzerland 2012