OrganizationView was formed in early 2010 with the aim of helping clients use data to drive their workforce decisions. We believe a more empirical, objective approach increases productivity, efficiency and fairness.

Our approach has always been to apply the most advanced, cutting-edge analysis to help solve our clients problems. We aim to do this whilst simplifying what the user experiences to the essentials.


The OrganizationView team is a multi-disciplinary group of domain experts and analysts each of who share a common passion in using data to make better workforce decisions.

Our analysts have shared computer science and statistical backgrounds. They come from domains where genuine Big Data exists. We are particularly strong at dealing with unstructured data such as text.

We combine these cutting-edge analytics skills with deep knowledge of workforce and organization issues.


We always believed that the data revolution that had changed functions such as marketing would reach HR. Large, global businesses are increasingly capturing extensive amount of data about their employees. We believe such data can drive decision making.

A data-driven organization can remove bias and inertia. We believe that it can be better for businesses – by increasing productivity and agility – whilst increasing fairness and objectivity in the way employees are treated.

We don’t believe that data is confined to traditional numbers stored in databases. In the modern organization employees leave data trails wherever they go. The aim is to use only the essential information, aggregated and anonymised to understand where changes can be made.


Please contact:

Andrew Marritt
+41 44 586 2152

OrganizationView GmbH
Via dal Bagn 15B
7500 St. Moritz

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