LifecycleView is a highly customizable subscription product that enables you to combine employee perceptions with workforce data at a granular level.  It provides the basis for continuous improvement of HR activities by providing detailed, segmented insight into what employees are experiencing, and how those experiences drive their behaviour.

An employee’s experiences, especially those at key stages in their employment, drive their expectations and attitudes of their place within a firm. Measuring and understanding these experiences is key to continually improving key processes and activities that drive employee satisfaction.

LifecycleView comprises a series of linked modules to understand perceptions throughout an employee’s time with the firm, and to understand how it develops over time.  It comprises two components: a sophisticated measurement system that captures both quantitive and qualitative data and an interactive data visualization approach to enable customers to explore the data in an intuitive manner.

The data visualization and analysis component can be delivered in two ways. It can be a stand-alone service which incorporates a reporting component to enable you to explore data through a variety of views. Alternatively data from LifecycleView can be integrated into our on-demand HR reporting and analysis services.  Whichever way you choose we provide a secure, online interactive reporting platform and regular exploratory analysis services.

By linking information describing what happened, and why it happened LifecycleView can help build:

  • Segmentation, including segments based on employee needs and behaviours
  • Predictive models, showing how employees are likely to behave over time
  • Associations between HR activities and later performance / outcomes.