What we do

Business leaders are currently challenging HR to be more information-centric than ever before. With employee-costs being up to 70% of a firms’ cost-base we believe there is great opportunity for firms to gain competitive advantage through effective management of their employee base.

Unfortunately the skills needed to realize this advantage are not common in most HR teams. The technology and infrastructure needed is rapidly evolving.

OrganizationView provides clients with access to an experienced team of specialists and class-leading technology as they’re needed. Think of it as having the best Human Capital Analytics team on demand.

We’re happy to start small, automating the most repetitive reporting tasks and be there to support you when you want to develop a global analytics service.

Some examples of our work:

We design and run reporting for clients, quicker, cheaper and more effectively. Whether it’s automated report production, interactive dashboards or mobile information tools we can deploy pixel-perfect solutions rapidly at lower cost than your existing solutions.

Information consulting and analytics
We can help you make better decisions about your employees by utilizing advanced analytics and data-exploration techniques to understand and predict their behaviour. We give you the confidence to act and will ensure that you can monitor the effectiveness of your decisions.

Whilst most HR teams have vast amounts of data they often don’t have the right information that they need to manage resources effectively. Our innovative measurement solutions integrate with your existing data to help you understand your employees like never before.