Most things can be measured, though often not by using traditional methods. We use techniques developed outside HR to make sense of HR issues.

Some examples:


Too much of HR has been built around an assumption of one-size-fits-all.  Segmentation provides a cost-effective way of delivering personalised services to employees in ways that meets their needs.  Our needs-based segmentation tool, integrated into several parts of LifecycleView can be used to group employees into segments whose needs are similar.  HR can then develop approaches that meet these needs in a targeted manner.

Conjoint analysis

A company wants to increase the perceived value of its compensation package to  employees without raising costs.  Conjoint analysis, used in marketing to understand the relative desirability of product features can be used to design more appealing offers

Usability testing

The scenario is a common one.  A business case is built showing that a new piece of self-service technology will reduce costs by automating common tasks.  After a long and costly implementation the reality is that users avoid the new systems and cost-savings are not achieved. Usability testing can help firms deliver technology that improves the service and reduces costs