Workometry: an award-winning employee feedback tool

If you want to really understand what someone thinks you ask open questions

Workometry is an employee feedback tool that lets you collect and understand feedback from your whole workforce in the most effective manner possible – by asking open questions.

Using cutting-edge text analysis we help you make sense of tens of thousands of comments, in multiple languages, in real-time. Our machine-learning algorithms spot patterns, identifying meaningful segments and creating a rich picture.

We securely communicate this across the organization, using visualisations that guide managers to take data-driven decisions that are relevant, targeted and effective.

Automate the full research process

Other feedback tools only automate part of the feedback process. By addressing the full research process Workometry radically reduces the effective time to collect and analyse employee feedback.

Creating agility through scaling qualitative research - WorkometryRethinking the end-to-end feedback process

This reduced duration provides agility and flexibility. Workometry clients ask employees about a greater range of topics, with less planning and friction. This creates a culture of listening by increasing the value to employees and organization alike.

Pulse Survey
Employee Experience
Collective Intelligence

How our clients use Workometry

Pulse surveys

Workometry provides a robust solution for firms wishing to move from annual to more frequent employee surveys. Open questions ensures that short doesn’t become superficial.

Employee experience

Businesses are realising that managing the employee experience is critical to building both employee and customer engagement. Workometry has a range of tools that enable you to capture and understand the employee experience at key moments whenever they occur.

Collective intelligence

Your workforce can be one of the most important sources of insight into a wide range of strategic issues. Clients have used Workometry to understand topics from post-merger integration, customer experience, executive communication to products and promotions.

Future-proof your data

Workometry was developed from our need to collect better perception data for our sophisticated, predictive people analytics models. It collects and stores clean, well-structured data in an ideal format for using in modelling.

We can provide access directly to the cloud datastore for analytics teams so they can use Workometry as a key part in their models. Alternatively our data scientists can work with your data to build predictive models based on your full-history of data.

Predictive models which incorporate perception data provide recommendations which are far easier to action. Whether you’re ready to start building models now or plan to in the future, collecting good data now will future-proof your investment.

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