What we do

We provide a range of services and products to help organizations make better decisions using workforce data We view this data in its broadest sense, integrating quantitive and qualitative data together to ensure we capture 'why' as well as 'who', 'what' and 'when'.



Communication in large organizations is broken. Executives find it difficult to hear from those closest to customers or processes with key information diluted and distorted as it works through the hierarchy. Workometry helps you fix that.

Workometry enables you to ask open questions, on any topic, to each and every one of your employees. Our sophisticated text analysis algorithms enable you to understand millions of words of ideas and feedback in almost real time. We help find the most important ideas or most pressing topics.

This gives you the ability to be dramatically more agile, enabling key decisions to be driven directly from the rich insight and data of all your workforce. 



Our latest thinking on issues related to People Analytics, Workforce Modelling and Employee Voice.


OrganizationView named a Cool Vendor in Human Capital Management Applying AI by Gartner
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