An example of our work

Whilst we don’t sell workforce analytics technology we do employ technology to deliver information to clients to help them make decisions.  So what do our clients get?

We typically will provide information on a dashboard-like display via a secure, permission based web platform viewable on a browser on a computer or mobile device. Our approach is to build interactive tools to help individuals make the decisions that are important to their businesses.  Information is typically ‘mashed’ together from a variety of traditional and non-traditional sources, from internal databases, additional measurement tools and external sources

A good way of looking at information is by starting at a broad, often company-wide level and then enabling exploration to more detailed levels – such as departmental, team or even down to individual levels.  Here is an example of a company-wide view:



These type of views have several elements and interacting with the view enables refined information to be shown.



In (1) the viewer can choose how to show the information.  In this instance they can select the year of interest, how many preceding years to show and whether they want the three right most charts (2) to show total count of employees or the sum of their salaries.  These categories are highly flexible, for example we could add number of FTEs instead of headcount (if that’s what of interest to finance) or total compensation instead of salary.

The charts in (2) are all interactive.  In this example the user has selected the group ‘Directors’ and all other elements of the page (Headline figures, country, department, hires / leavers) have changed to show the data for Directors alone.  Multiple selections can be made, either in the same chart or in different ones (so we could have selected to see Engineers working in Production in the US as an example).  This is all via a click of the mouse.

Section (3) shows key metrics.  Given the selection of Directors this shows just the figures for Directors.  The trend graphic (a sparkline) shows the past 7 years as selected in section (1)

Section (4) in this example shows a waterfall chart, a good way of visualising the number of hires, leavers and the resulting net change in one graphic.

On all elements hovering over a bar or graphic gives a pop-up with additional information, the exact underlying data etc.  If clients want to print the display we typically build a secondary print-view with greater labelling to compensate for the loss in pop-up details.

Views are totally customisable and built after working with clients to understand what decisions they need to make, what information could support better decisions and understanding what data is available & where additional information is needed.  Fresh data will change the views almost instantaneously, new views can be created within hours.

The cost of this? Typically less than clients were previously paying for someone to do analysis using existing methods.