Everything we do is focused on enabling large, complex organizations to make better decisions with workforce information.

We're driven by a mission to improve data driven workforce decisions in firms. As a firm we've always been one of the leaders in applying advanced analytic techniques to the analysis of workforce data. We bring a combination of deep strategic business experience, HR knowledge and data science capability to enable firms to understand their workforce and make better decisions than ever before.

Our clients are typically large, complex, global organizations who want to be innovators. We work with a variety of functions including strategy, internal consulting teams, HR leaders and People Analytics practices to bring deep capability to complement their existing offerings.



OrganizationView was one of the pioneers in People Analytics.

We have considerable experience in helping global firms make better decisions using workforce data.

OrganizationView has always been an innovator; operating at the cutting edge, combining deep business and HR expertise with innovative analytics capability.

Today we work with selective clients to push forward the boundaries of possibilities.



Workometry is our flagship product enabling firms to make data-driven decisions based on the feedback of employees.

Early on we recognised that the critical barrier for People Analytics was getting the right data, and that what was missing was information on why employees behaved as they did.

Workometry was designed to fill this gap by applying AI to open open question feedback at scale. With better quality data comes better decisions.



As experienced practitioners we work with HR leaders to help them develop analytic knowledge and culture within their teams.

There are several ways we deliver this. By customised in-house training, with public training courses and as part of several university programs.

We also offer remote coaching in analytics to HR leaders or People Analytics practitioners looking to take their functions to the next level.



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